about us

Company overview

Desert Corps Contracting (“DCC”) company is a Saudi-based trading corporation which specializes in defense, security, intelligence & counter-intelligence. For the last two years, we have based our strategy on the principle that the fast-paced changes that the defense sector is undergoing require adequate preparation and timely responsiveness. Since DCC’s inception, we have tirelessly worked to shape ourselves as one of the most dependable local companies in our industry.

Our Mission

  • SUSTAIN the safety & security of our clients, based on their needs and strength of our years of experience
  • ANSWER to our international partners’ expertise and capabilities by channeling these to meet market demand
  • FOSTER and maintain our premiership status in the provision of solutions in defense and security
  • ENSURE that we deliver on our commitments so that our partners’ and clients’ expectations are met
  • REMAIN a reliable and trusted local partner

Chairman’s Message

Ever since DCC’s inception in 2014, our vision has always been to contribute to the security of our Nation. This has always been the first thought on our minds when walk into our workplace every morning. We have always worked on the principle that our clients are the core of our business. As such, we have always strived to ensure that the best of what technology has to offer is made available to them in the way that they need it.